About Faisal UPVC Pipes

We feel proud to introduce FAISAL uPVC Pressure Pipes as an addition to the family of cold potable water quality PVC pipes manufactured ad Adam Jee PVC Pipe Factory.The high quality FAISAL uPVC Pipes are produced in one of the lagest and most modern automatic Austrian, Italian and Chinese plant under strict quality control arrangements.

At present we have introduced “FAISAL uPVC Pipe verified and approved byPakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). This certificate covers uPVC high pressure pipes for cold potable water supply under specifications PS – 3051/91 equivalent to BS 3505.


1. Low Hydorlic Resistance:

Due to smooth bore of FAISAL pipes frictional loses are at minimum and flow rates are at the highest as compared to non plastic pipes. The low friction and smoothness of inner surface resists the building up of scale inside the pipe.

2. Corrosion Resistance:

Unlike metal pipes FAISAL uPVC Pipes are highly corrosion resistant against any type of soil.

3. Chemical Resistance:

FAISAL brand uPVC pipes have good resistance to the chemical attack from aggressive soils and corrosive liquids or gases.

4. Low Weight:

Lightness of uPVC pipes makes them cheaper to handle and transport.

5. Non Toxic:

FAISAL uPVC pipes have o effect on water as it does not give rise to unpleasant taste, odour and cloudiness of drinking water.

6. Flexibility:

FAISAL uPVC pipes are lighter and flexible than those of metallic materials, therefore easy to handle and install.

7. Flammability:

FAISAL brand uPVC pipes are self extinguishing and do not support combustion.

8. Insulator:

FAISAL uPVC pipes are thermally and electrically insulated.

9. Resistance to Microbial Growth:

It does not support bacteria, algae ad fungi formation inside the pipe in contact with potable water.

10. Cost Advantages:

The cost of FAISAL uPVC pipes compares favorably with the cost of conventional pipes, in fact the overall cost of transportation and installing PVC pipes will result in substantial savings due to corrosion resistance, smooth bore, light weight, low labor cost and less time is needed for installation of FAISAL uPVC pipes.


Faisal uPVC Pipes are classified by maximum sustained working pressure as per PS 3051/91 and BS 3505. Also field test pressure is give below.

Working Pressure

class Bar Psi
B 6 87
C 9 131
C 12 174
C 15 218

Field Test Pressure

class Bar Psi
B 9 131
C 14 196
C 18 260
C 22 320

Short Term Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance at 20 oC

When tested by the standard method the pipe shall withstand and the minimum internal hydrostatic pressure for at least one hour without failure as below.

Minumum 1 Hour Internal Hydrostatic Pressure

class Bar Psi
B 21.6 310
C 32.4 470
D 43.2 625
E 54.0 780


Specifications do not give any specific weights because weight varies due to density and wall thickness of the pipes. However average weights are given against each class.
Class – B
Class – C
Class – D
Class – E
3/8 0.11
½ 0.15
¾ 0.22
1 0.32
0.41 0.50
0.54 0.65
2 0.68 0.82 1.03
1.01 1.20 1.58
3 1.17 1.41 1.82 2.22
1.78 2.32 3.03 3.65
5 2.44 3.49 4.55 5.60
6 3.46 5.01 6.57 7.95
8 5.30 7.72 10.04 12.17
10 8.26 11.97 15.59 18.89
12 11.55 16.85 21.91 26.68
14 13.84 20.27 26.49 32.16


The demand of PVC products is increasing day by day due o its versatility and outstanding performance. FAISAL uPVC pipes and Adam Jee PVC pipes have vast field of application. Some of them are given below.

  • Water supply system for pressure mains and potable water distribution.
  • Cold water services
  • Tube wells
  • Agriculture, Horticulture
  • Chilled water lines for refrigeration and air conditioning plant / cooling towers.
  • Drainage system
  • Sanitary plumbing
  • Chemical industries
  • Sewage system
  • Electric and telecom cable safety system
  • Brine lines and sea water treatment
  • Slurry line etc

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